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The Family Behind ‘A Limo Excursions & Wine Tours’

The passion for driving began when founding owner Brian Sayles was a young man growing up in Vallejo, where he watched his father build a business in the city made famous for being the home of the once bustling Mare Island Naval Shipyard. The elder Mr. Sayles started a tow truck company, and young Brian would often go with him on runs; truth be told, he more or less grew up on the road working alongside his father. Brian says, “Growing up in Vallejo, gave me the heart and desire to achieve… without Vallejo, I wouldn’t be here!”

Understandably, the time he spent with his father was a priceless learning experience and at times fun. But, it was also enlightening for him too as he realized how much he/they enjoyed driving around together in an area they’d both come to know and love…the bonus came in helping people. In short, this was the beginning of Brian’s realization of two of his greatest assets…the first being his love of the road, the second, his love of people.

Immediately following his graduation from high school, Brian joined the Army. While in the service, he became disciplined and structured and started thinking about his future once he was discharged. He knew he wanted the freedom of being on the road rather than a regular 9 to 5 job! And…he had a serious inkling about how he was going to make it all come together and work for him!

All journeys begin with the first step… and that first step starts when you put your hopes, dreams and aspirations into motion as you realize your goals for the future are attainable. Brian’s goal was to start a business of driving passengers for a living and he also knew the exact areas to make it all come together! That said, it came as no surprise to his family and friends that the first vehicle he bought following his discharge from the service, was a limousine! And the area he chose to work was in the spectacular Napa and Sonoma valley wine country.

Next to his family, Brian is happiest when he’s out on the road safely navigating new found friends around the countryside, thus avoiding disasters that have befallen countless others because they chose to drink and drive. Another notable asset of Brian’s is that he never seems to meet a stranger…once the introductions are over, you feel as though you’ve known him your entire life, and that’s usually when the fun begins!

A Limo Excursion has survived it’s share of up’s and down’s, but through tenacity, dedication and an extremely strong work ethic, the business has flourished and grown over the past 20 years. Not surprisingly, Brian is the first to admit he didn’t achieve these goals by himself, he’s mentored and nurtured other drivers, even helping some of them start their own business and has himself grown with each new experience.

Over the years as his business grew, so did his reputation for being an honest man, great tour guide, planner and driver. His family grew as well, but after being single for several years he knew that ‘special someone’ was missing from his life… Once he put those thoughts and feelings out into the universe, it was only a matter of time before that very special someone entered into the picture and set the wheels in motion towards an everlasting relationship… And not surprisingly, it was going to be a lifechanging experience… for both of them

Ever the industrious, independent business woman with boundless energy, Mia Styles had a thriving furniture business in Napa, when she met Brian, and although she wasn’t really looking for someone, however, she was open to the possibility of meeting her match. From the start of their relationship, family and friends knew Brian and Mia were an almost perfect match and it was obvious to all they completed each other!

Their backgrounds were similar in that they had both been raised by men who made their careers being behind the wheel of trucks. Both had grown to love the freedom of being on the open road, owning their own business and both loved being their own boss! They also had the profound need in their souls to nurture, love and care for their families, assisting them when they needed it and helping them and others find their true passion in life.

Passion is a great way to describe Brian and Mia’s relationship as they come by it honestly… it comes in many forms of service through meeting and helping people, be it new friends or through their church, family or friends; this duo approaches life with open hearts and open minds.

Three weeks following her marriage to Brian, Mia made a profound decision to close her furniture business, as she had decided work alongside him in the company he built. She began in earnest educating herself about the business from top to bottom, inside and out. She started her training by going on ride-a-longs with Brian. Ever the over achiever, she researched wineries, wines, vintages, maps, destination short-cuts and backroads. So, when the time was right and she knew she was ready, she became a driver for the company; a choice she’s not regretted for a moment… and, true to form she has quickly become a client favorite!

If any of this amazed Brian, it never showed as he couldn’t have been happier and more content with his wife. All in all, she brought with her new ideas and made solid suggestions on ways to improve and make their business grow and thrive. Needless to say, the Sayles family business has added a new and valued partner and ‘A Limo Excursion & Wine Tours’ began anew… recharged, prepared and ready to grow!

As small business owners, Brian and Mia know that paying strict attention to details is critical, and the importance of punctuality can make or break that all important first impression! The foremost goal of every tour is knowing your driver is actually your personal host as well as a tour guide.

We take the time to explain the wine, the regions and the vineyards as we begin each tour. Should you have a fixed vineyard agenda in mind, we will follow it to the letter. You may rest assured after we’ve familiarized ourselves with the wineries you’ve requested to visit, we’ll make sure you arrive at your destination as close to on time as humanly possible.

However, should you prefer, we’d be more than happy to design the perfect tour based on your particular tastes. Your experience with us will be a personal, off-the-beaten-track, customized Napa or Sonoma Valley wine tour created especially for you!

There are roughly 900 wineries in Napa and Sonoma counties, ranging in size from big to small, little known to world renowned. Through the years we’ve come to realize our clients appreciate the opportunity of meeting the families who actually make the wine, so we specialize in visiting some of the small boutique wineries. We enjoy taking people behind the scenes into a world away from the big named wineries…but, don’t be put off, we also enjoy visiting them too!

Whether your taste leans toward champagne and white wine, or classic cabernets and merlots, we will customize a tour we feel will be not only be an enjoyable experience for you, but it will be designed according to your preference and palate!

Safety, quality, luxury and reliability are foremost in the minds of our drivers. We make it our mission to gain every clients satisfaction and trust. From the time we meet and open the door to the vehicle until we reach your final destination our mission is to see that the time you spend with us will be memorable. This is one of the reasons ‘A Limo Excursion & Wine Tours’ has become so popular on Trip Advisor, and social media for customized wine tours

WE look forward to meeting you!

A Limo Excursion & Wine Tours wants your experience in Wine Country to be a memorable one
and those sentiments carry over to whatever occasion or event brought you to our site.