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The Man behind A Limo Excursion & Wine Tours

For owner Brian Sayles, the passion for driving started back in the summer of 1983, when he started driving with his Father in his tow truck. In an interview not long ago, Brian said, “My father inspired me. He was one of nine siblings in Texas, he had a dream to come west and make it big in San Francisco”.

The Sayles family eventually settled in Vallejo, where his Father had a tow truck company, and Brian would often go with him on runs, so he more or less grew up on the road working alongside his father. “Growing up in Vallejo, gave me the heart to hustle. Without Vallejo, I wouldn’t be here.” Needless to say the time he spent with his Dad was not only fun, but it was also enlightening for him as he realized how much he/they enjoyed driving and helping people.

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Brian graduated high school in 1994, and immediately joined the Army.
After his time in the service he knew he was old enough to attain his goal of driving passengers for a living, and was able to fulfill a dream that was born while accompanying his father on tow truck runs.

So it was no surprise to his family and friends the first vehicle he bought was a limousine! It goes without saying he loves making and driving new friends around the wine country safely, thus avoiding disasters that have befallen countless others because of drinking and driving.

As a small business owner, Brian knows the importance of first impressions! He and his fellow drivers believe in punctuality, they pay strict attention to details. Trust too, they’ve familiarized themselves with the area that will be covered for your event/tour and are at the ready to make any changes in the route necessary to make sure you arrive at your destination as close to on time as humanly possible.

Quality, luxury and reliability are foremost in the minds of the drivers and they make it their mission to gain client satisfaction and trust, from the time they open the door to the vehicle until they reach your final destination.

“The big companies’ drivers are like robots,” Sayles said. I set my company up to be your personal host and tour guide. We take the time to explain the wine, the regions and the vineyards; this is one of the reasons A Limo Excursion & Wine Tours has become so popular on Trip Advisor for wine tours.”

Each A Limo Excursion & Wine Tours is created for the client. Instead of a fixed route, we will design the perfect tour based on the client’s particular tastes, he said. Your experience with us will be personal, off-the-beaten-track, customized Napa or Sonoma Valley wine tour created especially for you!

We take people behind the scenes. We specialize in small boutique wineries, so you get to meet the families who actually make the wine. Each tour is customized according to (the client’s) palate. If your taste is champagne and white wine, that’s the tour we’ll do.”

WE look forward to meeting you!

A Limo Excursion & Wine Tours wants your experience in Wine Country to be a memorable one
and those sentiments carry over to whatever occasion or event brought you to our site.